Fitness Equipment

Waist Away

Assisted movement/ exercise of the obliques and erector spinnae muscles for strengthening of the waist, abdominals and lower back.

Waist Away Machine

Tummy Crunch

The Tummy Crunch is a multifunctional machine which exercises the abdominals and lower back, whilst mobilising the hip and knee joints, and buttocks.

Tummy Crunch Machine

Seated Climber

The Seated Climber is a cardiovascular machine which exercises both the upper and lower extremity, helping to shape and strengthen the deltoids and larger muscle groups of the upper back.  The Seated Climber also helps to improve posture and can be used with the Shapemaster ‘Alignment Cushion’.

Seated Climber Machine

Chest & Legs

The Chest & Legs machine assists flexion and extension of all four limbs. The ability to move easily from sitting to standing is important for functional independence and requires strength within the extensor muscles groups. The push down action of the legs will strengthen the thigh and buttock muscles. The rowing action of the arms will strengthen the arm and shoulder muscles.

Chest and Legs Machine


The Hipster machine provides a great exercise for the hips and buttocks facilitating the movement known as Swim Kicks. The user can opt to lie on their front or their back when using the machine. If used whilst lying on your back it helps to stretch the ham strings and  will improve strength of the buttock muscles.

If used whilst lying on your front it will gently assist alternate hip extension and also enable a gentle lower back exercise.

Hipster Machine

Posture Pullover

The Posture Pullover helps improve posture as the chest, shoulders and upper back are exercised, simultaneously expanding and stretching the rib cage. The triceps (upper arms) and waist line also benefit from the exercise.

Posture Pullover Machine

Flys & Thighs

The Flys & Thighs machine helps to improve mobility at the hip and shoulder joints. The outward action of the arms provides a stretch to the front of the shoulder which will reduce stooping of the posture and maintain the ability to reach away from the body. The outward movement of the thighs will encourage activation of the abductor muscles around the hip joint, important for balance and walking.

Flys and Thighs Machine

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