Have you ever felt intimidated or uncomfortable in a conventional gym or fitness environment? If so then enjoy! Wellness Centres is perfect for you.

When you walk into your local enjoy! Wellness Centre, you’ll be greeted by our friendly, welcoming team. And the first thing you’ll notice is the comfortable atmosphere and relaxing surroundings.

All enjoy! Wellness Centres’ members use the same equipment for the same amount of time. Our equipment has been designed so that it can be used by everyone, irrespective of age, mobility, weight or fitness level. It is also suitable for most members with conditions such as MS, fybromalgia, stroke, back pain, ME, arthritis, joint replacements and many others.

With a pre-defined 30 minute circuit, you will experience a workout which exercises all your major muscle groups.

Everyone simply uses each piece of equipment in turn and, because it is power-assisted, it can be used actively or passively, so the person next to you has no idea whether you are trying you hardest or having a bit of a breather! Of course, the more effort you put in, the greater the BIG body benefits will be. But the beauty of it is that even if you need to take a quick rest and allow the equipment to move you, it is still proven to provide health benefits.

Because all enjoy! Wellness Centres use power-assisted exercise equipment, rather than resistance-based equipment, it is far more inclusive than any other solution on the market. That means with our equipment you get the best results because you work WITH the machine – NOT against it!

enjoy! Wellness Centres:
The power-assisted workout –
with results, guaranteed

One of the most common reactions we get from our new customers is surprise at how wonderfully simple an enjoy! Wellness Centre workout really is. And we know that you want a quick, convenient workout that ensures you experience BIG body benefits – time and time again.

So that’s exactly what we’ll give you!

Rather than leaving you to queue for equipment, to decide for yourself which muscle groups you need to focus on, or simply which equipment you need to use, we offer an appointment-based system that lets you book-in at a time to suit. So you know that you can just turn up and start exercising – with knowledge, support and advice at your fingertips.

With pre-defined 30 minute circuits, you simply start on the first machine and then, when your time is up, just move on to the next one. This means you can enjoy your workout and relax too, as you know exactly how long it will take you. Furthermore, it’s stress-free as you don’t need to worry about what the machine will do next!

Every member of enjoy! Wellness Centres’ friendly team is highly experienced and very knowledgeable. What’s more, there’s always a staff member on hand to offer you the advice and support when you need it most.

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